Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stitching post...

This is my snowman ornament- it's almost finished 
Progress on PS' Sweeping Cobwebs
This was the Maui plane project-there is a little more  done here 
These are the latest pictures of my stitching over the past week. I am happy to have progress but not crazy about how long it has taken to recover from this gallbladder thing. I am back to work Monday 6:00am :) It's been almost a month since I have been at work CRAZY! Life will get nuts again very shortly. Emma has auditions the weekend of the 6th for KAS' upcoming season. She is auditioning for Annie and Evita. Maggie has a new boss at the theatre. This is making her nervous, ahhh the life of a 15 year old. Ben has begun soccer and Phil is the coach again this year. I am thinking about a learn to run clinic at the Running Room. I think it will help me ease back into running and HOPEFULLY my friend Sue might join me. If not I may do it anyway.  That's the update for today :)

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