Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Update :)

I had an awesome day yesterday! It was tiring but so great. All my Angel friends but one ( Pam is travelling across the country in her RV with her fabulous husband Roger to teach at seminar this May.) came over for a day of stitching. This weekend was originally suppose to be a sleepover here and a weekend of stitching but under the gall bladder circumstances I could only handled the day. We had muffins and coffee then appies out on the island for the the rest of the day. It was just a fabulous mental health break. I did crawl right into bed after everyone left and fell straight asleep. Great day... :)

Here's what's on for today... Phil bought me years 1-7 of Potter to watch over the next week. Em, Ben and have just started year 1. They are all so young...  I plan to work on PS' Sweeping Cobwebs while we watch. Here's the progress so far- It's coming along.

Yesterday I worked on Halloween Rules. It is so clever. I am having a lot of fun stitching it. I am looking forward to moving on to the individual designs, I just have the N to finish and I can get on with it. This last picture is of the beautiful plant and tulips brought to me yesterday. Lovely aren't they?

So that is for today. I am taking Mags to work in a bit. First time out driving but I am determined to try. I've got to get at it here. My goal for the next week is to eat, gain strength and be ready to be back to for Easter Monday. Slowly but surely I am getting better :) Yipee!

Until next time...


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