Friday, April 22, 2011

Sadly no stitching pictures just an update...

SO here it is Good Friday- I usually work this day so again weird being at home. I must confess I am a lousy stay home mom as I COMPLETELY FORGOT Ben's tutoring appointment yesterday. My excuse is  only that it felt like Friday because the kids were so excited about the weekend... I also had spent the day sorting out our hot water issue only to discover ( after the city was out here and our plumber) that it is all to do with the solar hot water system that hasn't worked properly since installed two years ago. Hopefully today it will be sorted out.

Mags works tonight and Emma's really good friend has a soccer game 6:45pm and another at 2:45pm tomorrow so we may venture out to watch one at some point. It's a beautiful day here and hopefully we will feel it warm up. I want to get out in the garden and start to organize the garden plot. There are pumpkins to plant!

I leave you a picture of Ben with his dogs when he announced to me"I just want to stay like this all day"

Until next time...


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