Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ok it's time for "Let's make a deal"

I have decided I must stitch one stash project before I start a recently bought project. With the amount of stash I have I could easy not have to buy any pattern for the next forty years. I would still have things left to stitch so I am making this pact that I MUST stitch something old before something new.That being written I started the Trilogy's  "Happy Bunny Day" today.
I have been wanting to do this one for a while. I had a migraine today and of course decided kit it while in it's manic haze... lol Phil looked at me like I was crazy but there you go. 
Speaking of Phil - he is amazing ( makes me crazy but amazing) he came to Costco to pick me up as I  couldn't see (migraine) and drove Emma and I home. My hero... ! He is the best dad and not a bad husband  as husbands go ... This is his "How go do I look pose?" where we all must exclaim  "FABULOUS"

Until next time...

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