Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It can't be Wednesday already... That's NUTS!

Yes here it is Wednesday already and I am not sure where Monday and Tuesday went... Let's see what have I been up to...

Day 10- I worked on A Boo C - this is a CUTE dresser drawer design from Cherry Wood
Day 11- I started SB's Scatter Sunshine freebie - I think this will be a pillow for my nieces Olivia and Molly as it is so cute and they scatter sunshine where ever they are --- the Butlers miss them
Day 12- that's today and I am seriously not sure what I will do . I have a very busy day ahead so it won't even get much of a thought until after dinner

I have two schedules to build at work as well as get my asm organized while I'm away. I also have a meeting with my boss so it will be a productive and migraine filled day.

Tomorrow Miss Margaret turns 15! I can't believe it - wow wow wow. We are all going to dinner to celebrate - that reminds me I need to make the reservation...

Phil and I leave for Phoenix first thing Friday and then after Phoenix it's San Diego for a few days--- hopefully the weather is good.

It is snowing like CRAZY here . Hopefully all will work out with our flights.

Until next time,


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