Friday, January 21, 2011

Still no photos as I am trapped by a blanket of border collies...

It is snowing here --- super snow- it's turning to slushy freezing rain type snow. I am sitting here in my pit (my bed) with both Oscar and Felix at my side. Oscar has not forgiven me for leaving him but he's come around to being pressed by my side. Still no eye contact. We had words last night as he was COMPLETELY ignoring me and he was told that I left him in good hands. He always makes me pay.

I don't know what I want to stitch today (not that I can get to any of it as the pressing dog issues) I want to work on something easy today and most likely will later. I have a dr appointment , errands to run, butternut squash soup to make and general kp to do but I will stitch.

I did some online shopping today... don't tell Phil - bought some charts and q snaps. Yay! I will post pictures when they come. I guess that's all.

Until next time...


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