Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's all about Emma and a few stitching things...

So we don't get the daily paper here for all kinds of reasons which I will not go into here... The phone rang quite early this a.m. and it was my Mom. She was reading the paper ( she knows we don't get...) shares with me that Emma was nominated for Best Teen Performance in Community Theatre by the local critic. Now --- local ,community theatre  etc maybe some small potatoes but the role she was nominated for was the one she took on one weeks notice where she did that song by herself ... ok I am breathing. It is just kind of cool. She didn't win (the talented girl who did was AMAZING in KAS' Sweeney Todd ) I am just so proud she was even mentioned / nominated (whatever).  How cool...

Today has been a weird work and home day besides stated above. I worked a little, shopped at Costco for our trip to Big White this weekend and stitched a little. I am super tired and a little drained... I really don't know why but am going to bed early and trying  to shake it off. Here are the latest pictures of Day 4 and plans to stitch for Day 5

This is a great projected that summed up yesterday... My Day Complete by Keslyn- I can not count my day complete till needle,thread and fabric meet.  I am stitching it on 28 count Barnyard Grey and WDW Julian.

Black Sheep by Bent Creek is tonight's project. If I get four stitches in before I crash I'll be surprised. Oh well sleep is for sissies anyway- I am such a sissy. That's all for tonight.

Until next time...


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