Sunday, January 23, 2011

End of another Sunday... oh and my holidays... :(

Here it is the end of another Sunday and the end of my vacation. I am ready to head back to work - not sure what is in store for me when I get there but I am looking forward to what is there.  I would love to post some stitching pictures but for some reason my SD card is missing and I can't take any pictures. hmmm I wonder which child has made off with it hmmm.

On the kid front I have made a bet with Ben to give up all pop type beverages until the new DS 3D comes out (March 27th) if he succeeds he will not have to wait until his birthday to have it. If he loses he has to run with Phil or myself everyday until his birthday... I will keep you posted. Emma begins "Hell Week" for Brighton and Mags is well Mags... All is good and we are lucky parents...

Until next time...


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