Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Having the morning off when your hubby is home hmmm...

All I wanted to do today was stitch and perhaps some laundry... didn't happen. Not only have I failed in providing my family with clean clothes I have not put one stitch in a project... I am hoping after this post I will get a stitch in but Phil is home and keeps interrupting my morning. He is doing this by asking a lot of billing paying questions, complaining about appliances that still have not be repaired and the state of his office. I did feed him (that is for my family if you are reading ...) After some raised voices referring to the fact that he has had 3 1/2 weeks off and pulled his chair up to the table Christmas dinner - implying he did not do the Christmas prep or gift buying ( OK YES HE DID PAY FOR IT BUT STILL...) The state of his office is his own stuff, the bills are what they are... and I am still not stitching LOL. He is now knocking on the door and asking if I have a minute to help him PROGRESS...

Here are the latest pics for Day 2 and 3

This is Prairie Schooler Sweeping Cobwebs--- I just love these witches.

This is Stitch: Dictionary Series from Cherry Wood Designs

Not much progress I'm afraid. I am working on something today and not sure what. LOL I will post tomorrow. I have to make it small enough to pack to work with me as I have the late shift today :) It is snowing like crazy here right now and our heat pump is not working --- the repair guy is here so let's hope it get going soon.

Until next time...


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