Sunday, January 2, 2011

I love my Mac Book!

I do love my new computer it has all kinds of bells and whistles. I have no idea how it really works but I still love it...

On the 15 projects front here's Jan 1
 "Not All"- As in not all witches live in Salem. I am not sure what today's project will be but I am absolutely going to just work on UFOs as I have WAY TOO MANY to start something new each day.

Now for a finish--- This is the mitten I was working on over Christmas. It stitched up very easily and fast. I think it will be a pillow when I get  around to it. I am going to find today's UFO and then settle in for some quality stitching time... I am just going to NOTHING today. I am looking forward to resting. Mags has to work and but only matinee so we are not up until 10:30pm. I am back at work early Monday so resting up is all I want to do.

Until next time...


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